This isn't just any ol' token, it's the token that carries the spirit of a guy who loves his couch, a cold one, and a good sandwich. Think of those nights, hanging out, watching the game, or just chillin' with your best pals, maybe even getting a victory in ping-pong against your cousin. That's the vibe we're going for with this token. No fancy words, no complicated jargon, and definitely no need to put on pants if you don't want to – just straight-up Doug-style fun. So, what's the verdict? Remember, in the wise words of yours truly: "If you're gonna do something, might as well do it the Doug way!" So come on, join the ride, and let's send Doug to the top!


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Who am I?

It's ya boy, Doug Heffernan! The dude who can't resist a meaty sub sandwich, has that worn-out spot on the couch, and yup, you've probably seen me cruising around in that trusty ol' IPS truck. Ah, the simple pleasures of life!

But wait, hold onto your shorts because there's a twist! I might've been delivering packages for years, but now, I've got a new delivery for ya. And it ain’t a fancy new recliner or that pizza you ordered.

Welcome to the Doug token! We ain't just talking digital coins here, buddy. We're revving up a whole movement. Forget those confusing jargons and techy mumbo jumbo. We're all about keeping it simple and fun, the Doug way. It’s like taking a ride down memory lane, but with a modern twist.

So, what's the verdict? Ready to hang out in the digital Queens with me? Let's make some memories, one holder at a time!

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Buy Tax




(1 billion for every episode of the hit show “The King of Queens”)

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How to Buy $DOUG

1) Download Metamask or any cryptocurrency wallet via Apple or Google Play stores

You can access Metamask for free by visiting

2) Purchase or send ETH to your newly created cryptocurrency wallet

If you don’t have any ETH, you can purchase directly in Metamask, or buy on a centralized exchange and send to your wallet

3) Swap your ETH to $DOUG using Uniswap

Visit and paste our contract address (0xC9a1f104FBbda8b8752946f7D56d59D28284037f) into the swap section against your ETH.

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Pilot Episode

Season 1, Episode 1

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$Doug Disclaimer

Hey there, folks! Doug Heffernan here. Now, before we get carried away with all this fun "Doug Token" stuff, I gotta lay some things straight, you know, cover my bases. First off, this whole Doug Token thing? It ain't got nothin' to do with Kevin James, CBS Studios, "The King of Queens", or any of their pals. I know, I know, it's a bummer, but that's how the cookie crumbles. And hey, remember, the Doug Token is just a memecoin - it's for the laughs, not the bucks. So don't go thinking it's some kind of golden ticket, alright? It's just for fun, no strings attached. Got it? Cool.